How to become a Digital Nomad and see the world!

The prospect of becoming a digital nomad is a daunting one for most people, but the best place to start is by identifying your niche..
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The prospect of living abroad is a daunting one for most people, travelling is fine when you have some savings but if you have ideas of living in another county long term then finding your skill and putting it to use online can be one the best ways to sustain that lifestyle..

Becoming a digital nomad can for some people be a seemingly easy process, if you are already working online then simply moving to another country will most likely not affect your work. If however you don’t have online income currently then you must start looking at how to change that.

Finding your niche

Start by thinking about what you like to do or what you are good at, do you like writing or maybe you’re an excellent and thorough reader. Is photography your thing or videography? There are plenty of options for almost any skill online! There’s more to being a digital nomad than just influencers and travel blogs.

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Here's a few examples of digital nomad jobs:

Into Photography/video?

So starting with photography, the most obvious being stock photography, there are plenty of websites to sell your photos on and there are even more companies out there looking for that perfect photo to fit their story! This goes for video too, with video growing even more popular over the last few years.

Try these websites if you want to get started:

You could also try your hand at photographing hotels and other businesses in the tourism sector, they always need new content to share!

Know another language?

Happen to know another language, well you can put those skills to good use, there is always a need for translators online! Yes, unfortunately google translate is a long way off being able to understand the nuances of languages and the subtle meanings behind words. There are plenty of websites you can translate for, but you have to be careful and not accept work for too little, I have seen people translating for 0.001 per word before.. This is not a great way to make money at all so just say no to low offers.

Here are the most reliable websites I have found:

A dab hand at writing?

If you have a background in content writing for example a blog that you have been adding to over the years then why not give professional writing a go, there are countless sites out there looking for writers! Topics such as travel, education, technology news ect.. Are all great to try if you are interested in them. Try approaching a few content websites or again try looking on sites like UpWork.

You could also try the other side of writing and look for some jobs proof-reading. Many people now-a-days like to self publish their own books and getting a proof-reader to check for errors is a crucial part of the process.

Quite the artistic type?

Feel like you want to share your art talents with the world? People are always looking for great art work for their new avatar or a book/album cover, you could even draw caricatures of people online or design someone’s dream tattoo! The limits are only by your imagination here, and the best way I have found to market this is on Fiverr, a site which lets your freelance a wide offering of different talents.

Here’s few other notable mentions in the world of digital nomad jobs:

  • Voice overs
  • Music production
  • Website design
  • Architecture design
  • Mobile app creation

These are just a small offering of the types of jobs out there online, and hey, if you can’t find your niche, create it! Go to sites like Fiverr and create your own listing and advertise your talents, you never know what kind of services people need online..

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